Online Marketing Tips with Seth Godin: Free Ideas Spread

Online Marketing Tips with Seth Godin: Free Ideas Spread

30 Oct, 2020

Free Earns You Trust and Attention

It's worth noting and you talked about this in the book like think about how free ideas spread and if you have a particular idea that you want to get out into the world you have all of these free tools
exactly what we're doing right now right and it's been the model for me frankly I love sharing ideas. I love having genius people on the show that we can say hey think about this this could help you
really make a change in your business or your life knowing that there's tens of thousands millions
of people that have seen shows like this they will never buy anything from me and that makes me happy
because if I can make the impact out there for folks that are never gonna come to an event or sign up for a
 training program so I don't wanna discount that either because it's like we're living in this miraculous time
oh yeah there's two ends to this curve there's relatively expensive and there's free as in free beer and
free love and free free free yeah free is this magical thing that the internet has supercharged because what free earns you is trust and attention and trust and attention are the two building blocks of the modern economy not a factory because no one owns a factory anymore
you can outsource the factory part but you can't bring change to the world unless you have attention because no one knows you're there and trust so that people give you the benefit of the doubt where do trust and attention come from they come from experience where does the experience come from
free samples and so the idea that we can put effort into a concept, a video, an audio book, a
a podcast and have it reach lots of people even if all we want to do is make money
that is a really great path but the other part that's super cool is let's say it's not your day job all you 
want to do is make things better that's another unbelievable opening is that you can put something into the world that makes things better and it doesn't cost you anything every time it makes someone better
if if you own a factory and everyone comes for a free sample you go out of business
but if you make ideas and everyone comes for a free sample you do great 

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